Corporate Events

Hire us, relax and make your corporate event a super success as we take care of ever thing-Perfect Planning, Perfect concept creation and Perfect execution and that also in your budget.
“Plans are nothing. Planning is everything.” – Having big ideas is great, but they’re nothing without rolling your sleeves up and getting down to the actual planning that goes into any big event or program. With Our team of experts we can provide end to end service – PLANNING EVERYTHING TO EXECUTION i.e. right from venue booking to dropping you home post event. We design and execute the event in a way that every corporate event becomes a hub for networking which will lead to business growth and success.

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Social Events

Social Events

Convert your “Dream Big Day “into a “Real Big Day” with us
We stand firm in the world of social event planning because Social event planning and execution is our forte. From decor, destination weddings, hospitality, logistics, entertainment to artist management, this company has a lot of exciting stuff in its bundle. Our team of event planners will handle every vital detail of your ‘big day’ leaving the guests mesmerized.
Our creativity is endless and so are our possibilities to cater ur requirement in a real jolly way.
Jolly events not only focuses providing a perfect blend of traditional and high tech activities that not only leave ur near ones blessed out but will also strengthen the bond with near and dear ones.
Our Djs are experienced and use latest high tech equipments and beats t o match each song for seamless mix. Our range of entertainment program also include from best theater artist to Hollywood/Bollywood performers, national and international dancers and music maestros as per your taste.
We take care of traditional, cultural, social, religious and spiritual and in-trend aspects while managing any event because events are not just events, they are memories of lifetime.

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To name a few are…..
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Audio Visual Production

Audio Visual Production

Video is an excellent platform to reach a large audience. It is imperative that organizations begin creating and incorporating video as part of a comprehensive content strategy. Whether we produce a 30-second promo, a training series, or a 90- minute documentary, the stages of video production are probably the same. Therefore, the video production process is broken into three simple stages:

  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post-production
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Our Varied spectrums

Pre Production

This is the phase where we narrow down the options of the production. It is where the entire planning takes place before the camera rolls and sets the overall vision of the project. Pre-production also includes working out the shoot location and casting.


During this phase it is key to keep planning ahead of the daily shoot. The primary aim is to stick to the budget and schedule, this requires constant vigilance. Communication is key between locations, set, office, Production Company, distributors – in short, all parties involved

Post Production

This stage starts when principal photography ends, but they may overlap. The bulk of post-production consists of reviewing the footage and assembling the movie – editing. There will be contributions as required from Visual Effects (VFX), Music and Sound Design.
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