About Us

We are known for our virtuoso performances in managing any event
You think any event and we make it real-In A Real Jolly Way. Events organized by us are not only fantabolous but also are grand success and memorable.
“Only thing that’s constant is change”-So time after time, we come up with premium ideas with creative professionalism for delivering unrivaled events/project
Events organized in a way that brings twinkle in eyes till u get wrinkles on your face.
“We believe in best-We do what we believe.
Our team’s effort, creativity creates a jolly laugh-lets understand HOW
Modalita di lavaro –How we do
Our imagination and responsiveness to change enable us to translate your dream event into a reality with limitless memories.

Jollyworld Culture & Believes

Break the rules –Work with fun as a free and happy mind generates the best ideas. Strong, welcomed and coordinated team comes up with robust ideas and creative solutions.
None of us is as smart as all of us. We always appreciate & welcome the team members who enjoy their work with fun, break the rules & push the things till it reach the best. Our vision is to keep spreading this jolly culture throughout the world with our creative work.


Jolly World Entertainment is led by a team of talented and experienced individuals who bring a high level of professionalism and passion to each of its projects. In the business of entertainment and experiences, we believe entertainment is an Ideas Factory; constantly innovating, creating and exploring.

How We Do

Understanding Clients/Project

Understanding client or project is massive undertaking and it helps in DEVELOP EVENT GOAL AND OBJECTIVES. The very first step is to establish a tangible goal and objective.  Why are you organizing this event and what do you hope to achieve?

Discussing aims and objective of client

Discussing aims  will give clarity of budget, time and will allow proper planning.Be sure to consider the following before firming up the date of your event.

  • Give yourself enough time–ideally, you should have 4-6 months to plan–but this depends upon the nature of your event.
  • Be aware of holidays
  • Avoid school holidays or major events
  • Check dates with key participants (speakers/presenters, VIP guests, stakeholders)

Organize the team

Any event takes a concerted team effort to handle all of the details. Consider identifying one key committee member to serve as the event chair as well as individual chairpersons for subcommittees. Examples of subcommittees could include venue, speakers, entertainment, publicity, sponsors, transportation, volunteer management, etc.

Creating Creative master map includes few things

  • Venue selection and logistics and catering (contracts, permits, insurance, meal selection, caterer, etc.)
  • Speakers/presenters (identifying, confirming, logistics and management)
  • Activities/entertainment
  • Publicity/promotion–both online and off-line (web page, online promotion, events calendars, printed programs, media relations, signage, social media, etc.)
  • Sponsor/partner management
  • Volunteer management–When getting volunteers, remember people volunteer for different reasons (hot buttons) such as wanting to make a difference, having social opportunities to get to know new people, or they may be motivated by learning or experiencing something new. Positive volunteer experiences means they may volunteer again.

Generating Audiovisuals/Select the Tech

There’s a lot of software out there. Some of it will be helpful for your event, and some of it might help with future events. We select Event management software can help you with registration, promotion, organization, and—most importantly at this stage—planning.

We also consider the following tools:

  1. For tickets, promotion, and payments: Event booking software
  2. For signs at the actual event: Digital signage software
  3. For live streaming the conference: Web conferencing software
  4. For marketing and promotion: Email marketing and Social media management software
  5. For attendee experience: Mobile event apps
  6. For the event itself: Conference software

Budget discussion

It’s the least glamorous part of the whole shebang, but you’ve got to figure out how you’re paying for all the fun stuff (food, speakers, swag, confetti canons). Events can, after all, get pretty pricey.

Here are a few things we  consider while planning out your event budget:

  • Logistics of the event (size, length, venue, staff, shipping)
  • Software needs (from niche tools for digital signage to the necessary event management software)
  • Experience necessities (catering, A/V equipment, decorations)
  • Amenities (e.g., wellness offerings, dog adoptions, swag bags, etc.)
  • Additional expenditures (you always want some wiggle room)

Once you’ve figured out exactly how much everything is going to cost, you’re ready to make a business case for where all that money is going.

Executing the Event

The secret of successfully Executing the Event is that we Stick to our Schedule:

As we are putting all of these pieces together, we assure we are adhering to our original schedule. Unless a plan or resource is critical to the established goals don’t spend too much time in any one area. If we choose to actively work with an outside vendor, we determine how they can help offset some of our workload. This ensures our team can focus on the core needs of the project itinerary without additional distractions.

Evaluate The Event

How will you determine if your event was a success? Do you measure success by the number of attendees? The amount of money you raised? The message? How you engaged members or the public? When you set your initial goals and objectives, you should consider how you will evaluate the event to determine your success.